Juampy Ramirez + Daniel Arroyo

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Juampy Ramirez & Daniel Arroyo

Sa + So   26./27. Mai 2018

Tangoball mit Show
Dresscode: schwarz-weiß

Zum 1. Mal in Kassel: Ein Tanzpaar der Extraklasse. Aus Buenos Aires.

Workshop 1: Tango intermediate 
"The walking posture, commodity, elegance, cadence, how to make projection, tips for the parallel system, and inverse system"
Sa 13:00h – 14:30h

Workshop 2: Tango intermediate 
"Musicality Workshop Part 1
Syncopation, linear exercises and sequences"
Sa 15:00h – 16:30h

Workshop 3: Milonga advanced
"Giro in milonga, Giro in 4 times and 8 times, embellishments, centrifugal force and embrace"
Sa 17:00 – 18:30 Uhr


Workshop 4: Tango intermediate
"Old movements in tango.
How to develop with the music, different directions of movements, analyzing each possibility of the side, forward, backward steps, embellishments for each movements for leader and follower"
So 13:00h – 14:30h

Workshop 5: Tango intermediate
"Musicality Workshop Part 2
Syncopation in Giros. exercises and sequences"
So 15:00h - 16:30h

Workshop 6: Vals advanced
"Mixing the sacadas and changing the dynamic of the direction;
backward taken and forward taken, getting into and linear sequence
So 17:00 – 18:30 Uhr


Jeder Workshop =  1,5h kostet 25€ / Person, ermäßigt  20€,
3-Workshops-Offer = 65€ / 50€ erm.

Info + Anmeldung: bei Volker & Christine per mail:, oder ruft an: 0178 7113210